I am @jappern

My interest for being outdoors started back in my childhood. I was scouting and loved to hike in the mountains and forest. When I grew up I started to hunt. As a deer hunter I got the feeling of being a part of nature. Totally quiet one follows the deer for hours and moves slowly into the right position. Ten years later I changed from shotgun and rifle to my first DSLR camera. The feeling of beeing close to nature is a part of me.  But once came to close to that feeling;  I lost my camera in Sognefjorden, the deepest fjord in the world. The end of that story was that he bought a Nikon D3s and started to invested more time into photography. Today I´m using Canon all over. I work mainly with exhibitions, workshops and special assignments. My most exciting assignment so far was to be a crew in an expedition to Antarctica. The mission was to sing for the penguins and to climb an unclimbed top in a part of the world no people had been before.  Today I have the honour of beeing responsible for all courses at onlinefotokurs.no.  So far we have aducated more than 2.000 photographers in Norway.